T-155 Ruby Slippers Tube

NS-155 Ruby Slippers was named after the old school version Northstar made over 15 years ago! This newest formula uses a NS-88 Pomegranate base red with a TAG Stardust sparkle. This glass is easy to use in all flame atmospheres. As a kiln striking red, it’s recommended to strike for 6-8 hours at 1050f. This color is a great option for overlays and color combos!

Note: The sparkle is hard to capture in photos and looks best in natural sunlight!



You will only be billed for the final weight sent that is equal to or less than the amount ordered.

This color uses NS-088 Pomegranate, the lightest shade of the kiln-striking ruby family Northstar currently offers. Because this color is so unsaturated, the final strike must take place to in a kiln. The strike is easily repeatable, and the final color is not affected by soaking in the kiln for long periods of time

Find more information on the Ruby Family Page


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