WT-063 Simax Encased Canary WonderTube

This WonderTube consists of NS-63 Canary encased with a layer of Simax clear. The layer of clear protects the Canary from scuzzing or bubbling, it allows you to work the tubing very easily and soak in the heat needed to shape into perfection.

This is a specialty product that is not often produced, limited stock available.

Charges will be adjusted to match final product weight



This tubing in a new product by Northstar Glassworks. NS-063 Canary is a cadmium based bright yellow. This tubing campaign consists of two crucible dips of NS-063 Canary and one dip of Simax clear. With the ability to be stretched thin and still hold its color, this tubing has a great saturation of color while being protected by a layer of Simax clear for workability. Limited run product


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