NS-78 Mystery Aventurine Tube

NS-078 Mystery Aventurine can take a lot of heat and abuse, super easy to use! Although be aware of encasement and large blown work, as this color does contain chrome. It can be flame struck or kiln struck, but kiln is the way to go! Yielding deep purples and pinks along with sparkle greens!





NS-078 Mystery Aventurine is a brilliant aventurine color that strikes to deep purples and reds. When thinned it turns a pale yellowish amber. Mystery Aventurine is well suited for blown work and stringer application. It is not overly sensitive to reduction and is best worked in a hot neutral flame. For the best strike, kiln striking is the way to go. When using this color heavily encased keep work time to a minimum and kiln anneal thoroughly. Mystery Aventurine looks great over NS-076 Onyx and NS-054 Star White. For additional information refer to the Northstar promotional flyer.


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