T013-Amber Purple hand pulled tubing is the first in our new Northstar™ Tubing line. Work the tubing just like you would the rod form. We recommend pre-heating each tube in the kiln at 1050f for at least 20-30 minutes before using in the torch. This will ensure that there is no loss of tubing from thermal shock. Since the tubing is hand pulled, the sizing will vary.

Our target size is 19-26mm diameter and 2.5-5.0 mm wall but you will find variation from tube to tube and may see tapering at one end due to the hand pulling process. T013-Amber Purple tubing will give a very consistent strike with no coil lines or air bubbles.

Work in an oxidizing flame for purples and wispy greens and blues. Use a reducing flame to achieve milky, creamy hues. T103 Amber Purple Tubing can be struck in the kiln or the flame depending on the color you want to achieve. Anneal in the same way you would anneal a piece made with rod.

Refer to the Amber Purple section of this User Manual for more in depth information.