These are the most saturated striking glass colors on the market and must be worked on a super-oxidizing flame to prevent them from reducing. They are also sensitive to heat, so work them slowly and gently.

In general, the way to attain the brilliant mirror-like sheen strike these colors can yield is to work them in an oxidizing flame until the work is complete. Then bathe the glass piece in an extremely reducing flame for only a few seconds.

Another method of working these colors for other interesting effects is reducing the color, then encasing in clear. Dragging the clear over the surface can also produce interesting patterns with these colors.

Overall, all but the NS-029 Red Exotic do not strike or change in the kiln and are controlled solely by flame chemistry. The NS-029 Red Exotic darkens and will produce a red hue when kilned.

Out of this family, the NS-047 Aurora is the most diverse and produces the most unique shades. It is a lot of fun to experiment with.

Note that because these glass colors are evenly saturated with metal oxides, they must be annealed with care to prevent cracking. In addition, heavy encasement of these colors is not recommended.

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