WT-038 Amber Purple over Galaxy- Mis-stoke/ Unique

NS-13 Amber/Purple over NS-152 Galaxy. This unique off-batch was mis-stoked with Heavy Blue Stardust resulting in streaks of extra sparkle mixed into the Amber Purple. A happy accident that is still beautiful and compatible. With the sparkle black contrasting the Amber Purple silver strike, this WonderTube combo pops very well in the sunshine.

For best results, we recommend using an aggressive sharp and oxidizing flame to burn off the initial metallic haze on the surface. This color can be flame struck or kiln struck.

Only one yield available. One pound minimum.

Charges will be adjusted to match final product weight



It is recommended to pre-heat this product in your kiln for 20-30 minutes before use.

In order to achieve the purple strike from the Amber Purple, it must be heated aggressively with a strong sharp flame in order to remove the initial metal deposit on the surface.

You will only be billed for the final weight sent that is equal to or less than the amount ordered. NO BACKORDERS for this product



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