NS-13 Amber/Purple Rods

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NS-013 Amber/Purple: Of the striking colors in the borosilicate palette the Amber/purples are some of the most exciting. NS-013 is the first in a series of five Amber/Purple colors. It is well suited for sculpture and moderately thin blown work.

Choose quantity in 1/2 pound increments




The color can produce pale yellows to ambers to a deep purple. To yield the most vibrant purples, work in a hot neutral to slightly oxidizing flame. Reduction will affect the strike. Try encasing your favorite Amber/Purple with NS-032 Violet, or NS-031 Lavender. To enhance NS-013 Amber/Purple try backing it with NS-054 Star White.

3 reviews for NS-13 Amber/Purple Rods

  1. jonmyrotten81

    I love this color . Works fantastically over outher colors to make bitchen effect.

  2. Mylene

    This striking color is beautiful and easy to work with! Just be sure to never use a reduced flame! I have no amber purple pieces unsold it’s my best seller color. Not prone to crack easily!! Can be pushed through coldwork and flame polish as well!

  3. Kevin Tuttle

    Ahh Amber Purple.

    If you haven’t gotten this color: Get it. It’s well worth it. Buttery-smooth, a premier striker and has many possibilities both flame and kiln striking.

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