Exp. #111 Star Gazer- Slugger Bars

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Experiment #111 Star Gazer is a striking gold amethyst with an opalescent base. This glass is a light pastel blue slugger that strikes to purple. Combining the characteristics of Exp. #110 Karmaline and cobalt to produce a perfectly balanced royal purple amethyst with an opalescent quality. It is a buttery smooth and easy to use color with the ability to be encased and still hold its saturation well.




NOTE: Because of the nature of these handmade bars, the length may vary depending on the quantity you order. You will only be billed for the final weight sent that is equal to or less than the amount ordered. NO BACKORDERS for this product

4 reviews for Exp. #111 Star Gazer- Slugger Bars

  1. Jay Massey

    I’m dying over here

  2. Paul masson

    Want it

  3. Kevin Tuttle (verified owner)

    I’m still figuring out the working properties of this color, but it’s quite an interesting one to work under encasement or on the surface of a piece! It’s great for honeycombs too as it offers some playful character with the density of the tones.

    I would definitely recommend grabbing a pound of this if you haven’t already. The batch of 2nds I got had minimal inclusions and worked beautifully once pulled down. Even if there were some inclusions, they would be easy to spot and nip out after pulling canes of color from the slugger bars.

    The transformation from the blue you get these bars as to a luscious purple is so cool to see. It also has some interesting interactions with NS-127 – Experimental green under heavy encasement!

    Personal working note: Be careful of the temperamental nature of this color. Just like Karma this color will boil fast on you if you’re not careful when working it. I would typically work Karma on a soft, reducing flame to keep it from boiling up as I’d coil it onto a piece, and I’d recommend the same for this if you’re looking to use it for solid sculptures.

    It works a bit better than raw Karma (which I miss so much by the way,) but offers a lot of unique play between its deep purples and Karmaline-esque tones. The risk of some boiled color early on is well-worth the reward of learning it as you grasp what temperatures and environments this color can handle.

  4. Kenneth Youngman (verified owner)

    This color is beautiful and easy to work. The customer service at Northstar is even better.

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