Exp. #110 Karmaline- Slugger Bars

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Experiment #110 Karmaline is a striking gold ruby with an opalescent base. Combining the characteristics of Exp. #96 Karma and Opaline to formulate a perfectly balanced, air-free fuchsia with an opalescent quality. It is a buttery smooth and easy to use color with the ability to be encased and still hold its saturation well.

NOTE: Because of the nature of these handmade bars, the length may vary depending on the quantity you order. You will only be billed for the final weight sent that is equal to or less than the amount ordered.


2 reviews for Exp. #110 Karmaline- Slugger Bars

  1. Rashan Omari Jones

    Great color. We’ve blown it out for hollow and pulled down rod as well, great job Team NS!

  2. Rashan Omari Jones

    This is a really beautiful and consistent color. I’ve used it as solid rod, blow ins, sleeves under clear and a few other techs. Every single one went really well. No seeds or stems lol, just that good good. Thanks for another banger y’all!

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