WT-059 Ex. Light Yellow over NS-05 Orange WonderTube

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This multi-layered WonderTube consists of NS-34 Extra Light Yellow over NS-05 Orange. This tubing is a rusty caramel color in raw form, but once melted and worked, it’s a very unique milky orange with fumey pinks and purples. Flame stable and easy to use. For best results, we recommend using an aggressive sharp and oxidizing flame to melt the core color thoroughly, allowing for a range of strike and translucency. Kiln striking is recommended for NS-05 Orange, and Ex. Light Yellow can be flame struck or kiln struck.



You will only be billed for the final weight sent that is equal to or less than the amount ordered. NO BACKORDERS for this product.

2 reviews for WT-059 Ex. Light Yellow over NS-05 Orange WonderTube

  1. Bravo Bo

    Love this color! Easy to work with!

  2. RedRose.Glass

    great color to work with

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