NS-33 Turbo Cobalt Frit

The most saturated cobalt blue on the market. Work in a heavily oxidizing flame to prevent graying.

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NS-033 Turbo Cobalt is the most intense cobalt blue in the Northstar palette. It is great for stringer application, and stretching out thin. If kept moderately thick, Turbo Cobalt is an excellent faux black. Because of its intensity, NS-033 Turbo Cobalt must be worked in a highly oxidizing flame to prevent graying. If however you are looking for a battleship gray, it can be achieved by working Turbo Cobalt in a heavily reducing flame. For a nice color combination try layering NS-026 Double Amber/Purple over NS-033 Turbo Cobalt. For additional information about NS-033 Turbo Cobalt and the other cobalt blues refer to Northstar Newsletter 16.


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