TAG-058 Fade to Black Rods

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Fade to Black is a unique striking color that has the ability to flow through shades of black, blue, green, and white as the glass is flame struck. This is a refined version of our earlier experimental batches, and this recipe is the most colorful, stable and compatible yet.


1 review for TAG-058 Fade to Black Rods

  1. Kevin Tuttle

    If you’re looking for a tricky color – this is probably the trickiest I’m continuing to learn to date.

    There’s some resources online, but to bring them here:

    As it’s worked, it strikes from black to blue to white. If you lay on dots of clear / color over this color, it will seek towards that strike rapidly. This makes it not too ideal for encasement, so proceed with caution on that front.

    If you love NS-127 I’d say play with this color. Just don’t invest yourself into your first couple/few pieces with it until you learn how it plays. This color’s a whole different beast in terms of its striking nature.

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