NS-94 Egyptian White Sand Rods

Not sensitive to atmosphere but must be worked slowly in a soft, unfocused flame to prevent surface scarring and boiling. Once melted in smooth, heat can be soaked in more rapidly.

Choose Quantity in 1/2 pound increments



NS-094 Egyptian White Sand is a rich opaque color reminiscent of elephant ivory or the bleached carved hieroglyphic tablets excavated from ancient Egypt. It is not sensitive to flame chemistry but must be worked in a soft gentle heat to prevent surface scarring and boiling. Once worked, the color can be heated more rapidly and take a larger volume of heat. The key is working the color slowly until it is melted in smooth. It is a formulation based on our NS-054 Star White but one that offers even greater opacity and intensity. NS-094 Eqyptian White Sand’s antiqued color and grainy texture is ideal for shading in sculptural applications such as murrini cane, while its intensity allows for its application in extremely thin blown work. It is also an ideal background color.


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