NS-89 Nile Rods

An appealing earth tone. Work in a hot oxidizing flame. Burn off haze and kiln or flame strike. Work like an Amber Purple.

Choose Quantity in 1/2 pound increments




NS-089 Nile is a unique organic version of our NS-013 Amber/Purple. It yields rich earthy tones and burnt amber hues. It is well suited for blown and sculptural applications, but it is not saturated enough for thin stringer applications. It is also useful as an overlay color. When working NS-089 Nile use a hot oxidizing flame. It can be flame or kiln struck to yield a rich “glazed pottery-like” finish. It is also interesting to note that when this color is coiled, the coil lines are virtually unnoticeable and it yields a truly uniform surface. Be sure to try it over you favorite opaque.


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