NS-011 Jade Fore Powder

$35.00 per pound

Northstar Fore Powder is a byproduct of frit production. Fore Powder is a very fine crushed up glass with a range of grit size from 70-100 mesh.

NS-011 Jade is a saturated fully opaque plant green. It can be stretched out for stringer applications or thin blown work. With the reformulations that have been made it can be worked in a much hotter flame, but be careful not to overheat. Stay in a neutral to slightly oxidizing environment. As with the workability improvements, NS-011 Jade’s C.O.E. is far improved. It can be encased and used for inside-out applications. Be sure to run a thorough annealing schedule with encased NS-011 Jade. For a neat color effect, try layering a transparent striking color such as NS-003 Multi over NS-011 Jade.

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