NS-137 Ill-Uminati Frit

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NS-137 Ill-umanati is the newest color from Northstar Glassworks and Gaffer Glass. Over the years Northstar Glass and Gaffer Glass have been the leaders in our fields so we have partnered up to offer you the best of both fields. Ill-umanati is our first brain child of this partnership.

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This glass contains URANIUM so it will fluoresce under UV light. We have found that short wave UV light in 365nm-405nm works best. We feel this color has amazing working properties and can be used in any type of flame. This glass can be used in any application with no problems of cracking or incompatibility. The color in natural light is an amazing transparent neon green with many opportunities for layering. If you are cold working use standard safety practices regarding personal protection. Please follow the link for radiation reading from OSU Radiation Center.

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1 review for NS-137 Ill-Uminati Frit

  1. Luke

    A little goes a long ways! This stuff is great.

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