Exp. #108 Mirage- Slugger Bars

This Experiment #108 Mirage is an opalescent based glass with a multi-chromatic CFL shift. In natural daylight this glass is blue, LED light it is green, and under CFL it is Purple. It is buttery smooth and easy to use color with the ability to be encased and still hold its saturation well.

NOTE: Because of the nature of these handmade bars, there is a minimum order of 2lbs. You will only be billed for the final weight sent that is equal to or less than the amount ordered.



This Experiment #108 Mirage is a part of our newest line of colors, “the Future Line” and made from batch in Portland, OR. These solid Boro Sluggers are individually hand made and weight around 2lbs each! They range from 30mm-40mm in diameter and 10″-20″ long. The intent with these experimental bars is to allow artists to save time on blowouts and gathers, as well as reducing physical stress on the body and within the glass itself.

As always, the artist experience helps to guide the direction of these efforts and we want to hear your feedback as we move forward.

Thank you

-Team Northstar


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