WT-002 Electric Blue Velvet WonderTube

Electric Blue Velvet is NS-104 Unobtainium, layered with NS-19 Light Cobalt. This is a very advanced color because of NS-104 Unobtainium as the core/base color.  We highly recommend testing of this color with small pieces in order to help cut down on cracking issues. This color works best in neutral to oxidizing flame chemistry. If used in thicker applications, this color has a higher probability of thermal shock. If you have cracking problems, try turning your kiln down to 960f and only ramp up to 1050f for no more than 25 min after your day is done.  This color will produce an amazing electric blue with a beautiful sparkle under layer. Making large blown out pieces and over working this color may cause cracking problems.  We do not recommend adding clear to this color.



You will only be billed for the final weight sent that is equal to or less than the amount ordered. NO BACKORDERS for this product


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