NS-28 Blue Exotic Frit

NS-028 Blue Exotic: The Exotic family contains the most saturated striking colors in the Northstar family. NS-028 Blue Exotic can yield a mirror like blue metallic finish and if overreduced an organic earthy tone as well. To keep the Exotics most vibrant, work them in a super oxidizing environment until you are finished with the piece. Then, turn the flame down and bathe the piece in a super reducing flame for several second to produce the mirror like sheen. Another great effect that is possible with the Exotics is encasement with clear. This group of colors can be stretched out and is great for blown work. If heavily encased, be sure to anneal thoroughly. Exotics are also enhanced by a backing with NS-054 Star White. Try layering NS-009 Yellow over NS-028 Blue Exotic. For additional information about working Exotics refer to Northstar Newsletter 1.

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Blue Exotic Frit


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