23 Color Rainbow Pack- Full Spectrum

Two pound sampler pack including 23 colors of the opaque rainbow family.

All full length, First Quality rods

$140 each

Contains the following:

NS- 011 Jade, NS-053 Forest Green, NS-055 Periwinkle, NS-057 Midnight, NS-058 Mint, NS-062 Bubblegum, NS-063 Canary, NS-064 Lava, NS-065 Cherry, NS-077 Deep Blue Sea, NS-079 Blue Spruce, NS-080 Hyacinth, NS-083 Skyline, NS-084 Goldenrod, NS-085 Poppy, NS-097 Evergreen, NS101 Purple Urple, NS-103 Berry Gumbolt, NS-126 Opaque Aqua, NS-144 Grizzly, NS-150 Roswell, NS-151 Timber, Exp #70 Blood Red


Full Spectrum Rainbow Pack



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