NS-104 Clearly Unobtainium Tube

Clearly Unobtainium Tubing is double dip crucible hand pulled tubing consisting of NS-104 Unobtainium encased with a thick layer of Simax clear. This tubing has been produced in the past exclusively for shows and events only. As a limited run product, we have now made this tubing available to you directly online through Abe’s Vault. This is an advanced color because of NS-104 Unobtainium used as the core/base color. For best results, limit your work time in the kiln and in the flame to prevent stress. It is also recommended to test this color with small pieces to prevent loss. Use an oxidizing flame and preheat this tubing in your kiln before working. If you have cracking problems, try turning your kiln down to 960f and only ramp up to 1050f for no more than 25 minutes after your day is done. Making large blown out pieces may cause cracking problems. We do not recommend adding clear to this color.

Charges will be adjusted to match final product weight



Each tube will include a disclosure about how to use this glass.


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