Tubing “The Darkness” WonderTube

WT-015 The Darkness WonderTube is double dip crucible hand pulled tubing consisting of NS-013 Amber Purple over NS-125 Jet Black. This tubing was produced years ago as a special product for glass shows and events only. As a limited run product, we have now made this tubing available to you directly online through Abe’s Vault.  For best results, limit your work time in the kiln and in the flame to prevent stress. It is also recommended to preheat this tubing in your kiln before working. Using NS-013 Amber purple as the surface color allows many variations of strike.

Working tips:

When first heating the color you will notice that there is a metallic haze that precipitates on the surface. This is reduced silver metal that leaches out of the body of the glass and deposits on the surface. If the piece is worked before all the haze is heated off, the layer of metal will thicken and turn a matte gray color, thus masking the true color.

In order to achieve the purple strike, the surface coat of Amber Purple must be heated aggressively with a strong sharp flame in order to remove the initial metal deposit. Turn the work slowly in the flame so the heat scrubs the surface of all the haze. The surface must be heated to the point that it almost boils. Even if the flame scars the color it will melt back in and smooth over. This is the crucial step in the whole procedure.

For more striking tips see The Amber Purple Family page.

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