Off-Color Opaque Aqua-Dark


This Opaque Aqua Off-Color is a shade darker in comparison to our standard NS-126 Opaque Aqua. This variation is perfect for those ice fades, or adding another blue shade to your palatte.

NS-126 Opaque Aqua is a very nice opal blue green color. It is well suited for stringer application and blown work. NS-126 Opaque Aqua will enhance your art because it has a really nice appearance and color. It is not susceptible to reduction and is not flame sensitive. For best results keep it in a neutral flame.

Limited quantity available. Sold by the pound

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“Abe’s Vault” represents colors that are in the process of development. All colors will be sold in an experimental status until we determine if they will permanently become an addition to our palette.  At that time, a release through our distributors will be made available. Learn More

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