Experimental #21 Translucent UV


Experimental #21 Translucent UV is a fun and exciting UV reactive color developed by Northstar. This UV experiment is much different from other Northstar UVs because it is a milky, semi-opaque green created from NS-137 Ill-uminati and a translucent white base. This campaign contains more air content in comparison to the Exp #21 Opaque UV campaign, yet displays a brighter green glow in ultraviolet light and luminesces best with a 365nm-395nm LED flashlight. This glass can suffer from boiling issues if pushed too fast or too cold, so let the heat sink in for best working results. This glass does contain uranium.


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Transitional, Second Quality


“Abe’s Vault” represents colors that are in the process of development. All colors will be sold in an experimental status until we determine if they will permanently become an addition to our palette.  At that time, a release through our distributors will be made available. Learn More

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