23 Color- Silver Sampler Pack


Silver Sampler Pack

Two pound sampler pack including 23 silver stiking colors.

All full length, First Quality rods

$130 each

Contains the following:

NS-009 Yellow, NS-013 Amber Purple, NS-014 Irrid, NS-026 Double Amber Purple, NS-034 Ex. Light Yellow, NS-038 Blue/Green, NS-041 Butterscotch, NS-044 Caramel, NS-045 Blue Moon, NS-078 Mystery Aventurine, NS-081 Blue Caramel, NS-093 Plum Krazy, NS-102 Silver Bullet, NS-105 Silver Creek, NS-111 Alaskan Thunder, NS-114 Tan Silver Creek, NS-115 Silver Sea Weed, NS-120 Silver Unobtainium, NS-122 Blue Thunder, NS-124 Silver Amethyst, NS-131 English Ivy, NS-132 Lokis Lipstick, NS-133 Silver Aqua


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First Quality


“Abe’s Vault” represents colors that are in the process of development. All colors will be sold in an experimental status until we determine if they will permanently become an addition to our palette.  At that time, a release through our distributors will be made available. Learn More

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