23 Color Rainbow Pack- Full Spectrum


Full Spectrum Rainbow Pack

Two pound sampler pack including 23 colors of the opaque rainbow family.

All full length, First Quality rods

$130 each

Contains the following:

NS- 01 Jade, NS-053 Forest Green, NS-055 Periwinkle, NS-057 Midnight, NS-058 Mint, NS-062 Bubblegum, NS-063 Canary, NS-064 Lava, NS-065 Cherry, NS-077 Deep Blue Sea, NS-079 Blue Spruce, NS-080 Hyacinth, NS-083 Skyline, NS-084 Goldenrod, NS-085 Poppy, NS-097 Evergreen, NS101 Purple Urple, NS-103 Berry Gumbolt, NS-126 Opaque Aqua, NS-144 Grizzly, NS-150 Roswell, NS-151 Timber, Exp #70 Blood Red


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First Quality


“Abe’s Vault” represents colors that are in the process of development. All colors will be sold in an experimental status until we determine if they will permanently become an addition to our palette.  At that time, a release through our distributors will be made available. Learn More

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