Featured Artist:
Jahnny Rise..

Our featured artist is Jahnny Rise.

Tell us about yourself and your artwork

Born and raised in California for half my life, the middle New Mexico and the rest in the northwest. I am a father of two amazing daughters  The work i produce is genuine, I try hard to put out only what i feel is worthy to me. Working the glass for 18 years has given me a great many things. Above all it has supported me an my family, and has kept me at home creating, giving.

Please tell us about your first experience working with glass. How did you get started?

First experience was watching gold and silver be applied to tubing and the process of wrap an rake, or feathering with the metals.  from then on it became self taught struggles. I was asked by Sebastian Case to join him in working to make cabinet knobs for an entrapenuar, who ended up being a bit lost. A month into it i thought it best to go on my own. What are you trying to convey to viewers through your art? The ugly side of life with a beautiful medium… or beauty with a universal medium.

What music do you like to have playing while creating art?

African, reggae, electro, jazz, bit of rock, soul, funk,  a mix up in the house is always best for me.

Tell us about your creative process, from the beginning of a typical piece to its completion.

A simple sketch from a couple angles is drawn.  Then I make the piece clear and scale it down if possible, yet the first always seems to come out larger than planned. Some colors are chosen, based on the workability through stages of the piece and application or process I am most excited about at the time. then I takes steps to make all the color material.  Then to shaping and parts, then layout sometimes and assembly of parts.

What things inspire you to create art?

Nature, people (their art),  the history of our home,  music,  friends, family, freedoms What exhibitions have you had? (please provide a short summary if the list is long)

Tell us about your influences.

Music prevails, my family, my glass family, nature and our universe.

Tell us something interesting in your life (such as achievements, funny story, places travelled, etc.):

I was born into traveling, raised in nature and animals, and have lived for people and music. I have been blessed with so many opertunities i can only guess through feelings that it is because ive learned my lessons an give only the true me to moments, and I  try not to live in the past or the future. i lose my self to see others.

What plans do you have for the future of your art?

I hope to show across the world. The pipe market is in the usa, ( and it is pheonominal! ), yet i feel there are more outlets for non-functional in other certain areas outside the US, where more is spent on art .  I plan to work more with kids, teaching. I plan to bring my non-funtional art to a wider audience an bring my funtional art to the those that dont know an of cousre those that do.

Do you have any good advice for emerging artists?

Be patient, know there are steps to whatever process , Know no limits, break out of any molds to mimic, you have a style. posture and changing up any repetition moves with production work,(clear .prep, color prep,yard work ha) that mixes fine movements with large.  for longevity sake get exercise, and thisI know because I don’t get much because i work so often.  The world is a one in which you have to work a business, if you choose glass as your lively hood. like all items its about getting it out there. know how to organize your business and market yourself as much as your products.

What Northstar products did you use in the featured piece?

I used poppy as a base layer to the blow-in with silver and gold. On top of the poppy was exp. green and colbalt, thinly added. Then unobtanium and alaskan thunder in small amounts on top of those. I mixed down rods of steel wool with clear to make a more workable an slightly thinner color. Jet black, (tried an true) to most connections and as accents on the piece.

What is your favorite Northstar product(s) to work with?

The tubing, such a dream come true. serendipity, jet black, Exp green, yellow, steel wool…

Website: jahnnyrise.com