About Abe’s Vault

As the leader in colored borosilicate art glass manufacturing, Northstar Glassworks is committed to the pursuit of innovation in our industry.  We have risen to this challenge by creating automated processes to meet the demands of our artists as well as researching raw materials and kiln technology development. We have also established worldwide partnerships to promote shared knowledge in our medium which will move our palette into the future.

Introducing a new color to our palette often takes more than a year to reach sustainable production and quality benchmarks.  As an artist, this means you will receive fairly priced materials that are produced to the best of our ability.  During this process, our efforts are manifested into limited run unique colors that have to be evaluated to determine if they meet these stringent standards.

“Abe’s Vault” represents colors that are in the process of this development.  These affordably priced colors will be offered in either Seconds or Transitional qualities and will be made available through updates to “Abe’s Vault” on Nortstarglass.com . All colors will be sold in an experimental status until we determine if they will permanently become an addition to our palette.  At that time, a release through our distributors will be made available.

We encourage our artists to provide us with feedback for these colors, as you will help determine the future of color development.

Thank you for helping us to do what we love.

-Team Northstar